Elite Sports Performance Training in Southern Utah

Reach Higher Athletics brings a full-bodied approach to sports performance for the Southern Utah area by combining our elite training system with high-level industry support partners. Our training systems are designed for athletes from any sport, no matter the position or level of play.

We train our athletes with Speed, Strength, Agility, Explosiveness, Power and Quickness training designed around their sport specific (and position specific) movements, identifying strengths and weaknesses, to help correct and improve their sports performance. Our comprehensive flexibility and balance training are used to reduce injury and increase spatial awareness. The ultimate goal is creating the most competition-ready athletes possible.

  • Speed and Agility Programs
  • Strength and Lifting Programs
  • Basketball and Football Skills Programs
  • Personal Training

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REACH HIGHER Athletics Certifications

Sports Performance Training

Through fundamentally sound training and supporting programs, our elite training systems and sport programs work to produce the most "competition ready" athletes. As a leader in performance training at every level, our Sports Performance programs are designed for any athlete, on any level, to reach higher than ever.

Elite Sport Skills Training

Our Sport Specific Skills Training utilizes innovative and unique training methods and tools to enhance any athletes skills within their sport and position. In addition to our in-house elite performance training, our trainers work to empower, prepare, and equip players of all levels with the skills needed to reach higher.

Camps and Clinics

Reach Higher Athletics hosts a variety of skill and sport specific camps, clinics and events. Hosted both in our facility and offsite at schools, parks, and clubs, we are able to utilize our working relationships with top level trainers, coaches, professional and collegiate athletes; making our clinics and camps "can’t miss" events.

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A "Higher" Level of Training in Southern Utah

Reach Higher Athletics delivers a high level of sports performance training to St. George, Utah and surrounding areas. By combining our elite training systems, along with support from industry experts and an extension of a competitive, high-character basketball program (Reach Higher Kings), we will deliver a full-bodied approach to sports performance. We strive to be a leader and positive impact in the sports performance industry, St George, the surrounding communities, and to all those we serve.

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The Reach Higher Performance Center

We are open and ready for YOU! We are located at 389 Industrial Rd, Suite 11, St. George, Utah, equipped and ready to train you and/or your team. We have individual and/or team packages available. Call us or come by and schedule your personal one-on-one evaluation to see how Reach Higher Athletics can help put you on a track for “Competitive Greatness”.

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Enhancing Your Performance in Both Sports and Life

Reach Higher Athletics’ high character, hard working and positive values are integrated throughout our entire program. We aim to be a positive and guiding voice in the community, and a life-long support system for each and every person that becomes part of the Reach Higher Athletics family.

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A World-Class System and Program Like None Other

Reach Higher Athletics offers a wide range of high-level training, sports programs, support from industry experts and an elite facility/training equipment, to form a world-class system and program like none other in the area. Reach Higher Athletics world-class facilities are designed to deliver an elite approach to performance training, to any athlete, any sport, at any level.

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