About Reach Higher Athletics

About Reach Higher Athletics

Reach Higher Athletics brings a full-bodied approach to sports performance for the Southern Utah area by combining our elite training system with high-level industry support partners. Our sports training systems are designed for athletes from any sport, no matter the position or level of play. We train our athletes in a variety of sport specific movements unique to their sport and position, with the ultimate goal of creating the most competition-ready athletes possible.


To enhance performance in both sport and life. We are committed to providing our clients and players with elite performance-driven programs, staff, and an environment that unite our core values and vision, creating a culture of hard work, leadership, service, and success.


Our sports performance training philosophy derives from the MORR training system. The MORR system was created and invented by world-renowned performance trainer Chip Smith (Chip Smith Performance Systems), who is considered by many to be the “God Father” of the sports performance training industry. This system has been proven to prepare and equip athletes from all sports to be some of the most “competition ready” athletes in the world. We are excited to bring this level of training to the Southern Utah area.


Our values of Hard Work, Leadership, Service, Positivity, Discipline, Integrity, Honesty, Humility, Professionalism, and Fun: all combine to help deliver our main mission, to enhance performance in both sport and life. We aim to be a positive and guiding voice in the community, and a life-long support system for each and every person that becomes part of the Reach Higher Athletics family.